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This page contains my better known posters 

I've republished some with Zazzle, you can buy them here


Drawn for the charity to illustrate all the different technologies used for providing water.

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This is probably the most ambitious drawing I’ve ever done – trying to do the perspective, combine the chaos of lights with the action below, and get reasonable likenesses for all the characters (from the soap opera Emmerdale Farm)

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(New Scientist 1991)
The charity Common Ground encouraged me to draw this poster and then sold the idea to the New Scientist. I like doing posters – finding a solution that’s eye catching from a distance but then draws you in and contains lots of detail.
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Detail from the tree poster to give some idea what it really looks like.

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Commissioned by the New Scientist. 
The process of producing this poster was so tortuous - endless stages of editing and redrawing - that I now can't bear to look at the finished thing. It taught me that there's no point in endlessly making compromises,  because the finished thing is bound to be a total mess. I should have jumped on a train and talked everything through face to face rather than accepting the editor's changes, which were probably made in a few minutes - they really weren't thought through at all. Editors really do get drunk with power.

I haven't drawn any more commercial posters since, but something good always comes out of a disaster. In this case it was converting my hand drawn lettering (that I use on my cartoons) into a truetype font. Its been so handy. I use it on proposals and everything I make that needs to look 'hand made'. 

I've also put some whole posters on the site but they are large files (about 180k) so they take a while to download:

The Disgusting Spectacle
(exhibition poster and catalogue)

The Art Gallery Spectators
(Exhibition poster and catalogue)

Neal's Yard Waterclock
(clock poster)

Neal's Yard Steamclock
(clock poster)

Science in the Dock
(Science Ethics poster for Glasgow Science centre)





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