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(in collaboration with Sarah Angliss and Will Jackson  1999)
The ergonomics society approached the Science Museum to hold an exhibition to mark their 50th anniversary, and the museum approached me to produce some exhibit ideas and cartoons to help them raise funding. I quickly realised that the subject would make a good exhibition – there were lots of simple experiments that could be made into interactive exhibits, and lots of tabloid surprising facts.

 To my amazement, the Ergonomics society managed to raise the sponsorship for it all to go ahead (even though Peter Trevitt (the science museum interactive exhibit manager) had persuaded me to increase my costings by 50%) to 140k. Peter turned out to be right – I couldn’t have produced the exhibition for the original budget.

With the funding in place, I took on the job of building the exhibition with Sarah Angliss and Will Jackson as partners. I’m amazed how much we all managed to produce in little over two months.

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view of part of the exhibition (total area 65 by 25 ft)

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dummy.jpg (8352 bytes) Loosely based on crash test dummies and diagrams in ergonomics textbooks, I made these dummies. Some featured in  the exhibits, and  some stood on top of  the exhibition walls, occasionally twitching their heads or hands.  aliens have landed.jpg (12185 bytes)

Realising the power of the collaboration between me, Sarah and Will, we formed ourselves into Mongrel Media after the exhibition opened, and looked for new opportunities (see The Eden Project).
The exhibition carried on to Manchester after leaving the Science Museum and is in Lisbon from March-December 2002.

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Human factor exhibits



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