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About three years ago I was approached by Bedford council to make a simulator ride to liven up a corner of their Howard shopping mall. Seeing the space, I thought a shop selling absurd products would be more fun. I heard nothing and assumed they weren’t interested, but a year later they re-contacted me. I went for a meeting with Bedford’s head of economic development, and he gave me the commission.

Shopping malls have always incorporated features to make them more attractive and Seriously Solutions, though not conventional, fits this brief. It is close to the lifts to the multi-store parking, so I hope it will particularly appeal to dads and children who are bored shopping. After months delay preparing the space, the shop finally opened on February 5th 2010. 

A few days later a councilor objected so the window was covered in paper to protect the public.
 It re-opened on Thursday May 27th. 

It would probably be inappropriate to commission something like this now, but when it was commissioned, cash wasn't so tight. After it re-opened the council put up an online poll for people to vote whether it should stay or not. There more votes in favour of the shop - thanks to everyone who voted for it!

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Opening chaos as desperate shoppers fight to get into the shop!

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