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 At beginning of 2014 the swinging fish on the front of Southwold Pier were removed.

A couple of years previously the pier owner had asked me to design a sign for the front of the building. The swinging fish and lettering, made of anodised aluminium, were the result. I was quite proud of them such a simple idea but the way they caught the light as they swung, particularly in the afternoon, was effective and unusual.

Technically they were problematic. At first hung on chains, they thrashed round so violently in every storm that the front entrance of the pier had to be closed because it looked as if they might fall on people. I then made brackets that only allowed a limited a mount of swing also disastrous because the constant tapping on the brackets eventually caused metal fatigue and brackets started to snap off. Finally I let them to swing freely, but this was too noisy and looked too alarming so I added 2.5mm nylon restraining cords. This was OK for a year or so but in recent high winds some cords snapped even with a breaking strain of 180kg!

Thicker cord would have prevented this but in the meantime the pier had changed hands and the new owner understandably decided to rebrand everything, so goodbye fish.       





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