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  This was a commission for the Churchill hospital in Oxford. The pharmacy had just installed a robot picking system, and they wanted a silent film of it in the waiting room. The pharmacy workers were keen that it should show all the stages of the dispensing process, both to show their elaborate procedures to be completely sure they donít give anyone the wrong drug and to explain why patients usually have to wait 30 minutes. The lengthy waiting times are obviously a sensitive topic! Watching the robot pick the drug packets reminded me of the scene from Toy Story where an arcade crane machine picks up a delighted alien saying ĎI have been chosení. I contacted Gary Alexander who was enthusiastic about the job and we gradually put a script together.   

Most of the footage was filmed by Gary using his Canon 5d. Meg, my wife, starred as the patient. An engineer from the robot company helped us fix an action camera for the drug packetís point of view. After a couple of days filming in the pharmacy, they gave us some empty packets to make a model in my workshop for filming the stop frame animation of the packet faces. Gary did the editing and added the 3d computer animation of the pill at the end of the film. We delivered the final film and they were polite about it. I was busy with other work and forgot to add anything about it to my website. But it recently resurfaced and made me laugh.

After the film was finished they thought the new pharmacy still looked bare so asked for some stills from the film to put on the walls. We suggested these posters promoting the film. I think they used them, though I've never seen them in place.





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