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School Mistress video

When I started making arcade machines I had the fantasy that it would encourage other people to make their own. I deliberately tried to make the early ones look home made. Sadly hardly anyone else did try making one so I gave up the idea and my machines have since become better finished and more complicated. Today, people seem amazed that its possible to have all the skills required woodwork, sheet metal and machining, plastic forming, sculpting, graphics, electrics and software. In the past many people were multiskilled and it was not seen as unusual.

Anyway, I was pleased to revisit the school mistress, realising that this is a relatively simple idea that is not too hard to copy. (My original uses a mains motor and PIR switch, but it will work with low voltage components instead).

Parts list:

Geared motor, 40 -100rpm, with a a strong shaft 5-6mm diameter,  from Ebay 

12volt PIR switch from Ebay

2 roller microswitches

12 volt changeover relay

12volt, 1 amp power supply

4 x 3mm bolts and nuts to fix motor

20mm diameter x 300mm long dowel to support head

The hardest part is the mounting plate for the motor and microswitches and also the disk that switches them on and off. For a school project, the disk and mounting plate can be cut out of acrylic with a laser cutter. For a home project the parts could be cut out of plywood.




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